So Much Food!


Wow we had a lot of people at the pantry yesterday! So much food that we had leftovers to send to the ATXFreefridge and have plenty to start off next week.
Special thanks to the businesses and groups in the community that donate to us to make this possible and to all the volunteers that go get and sort food, transport food from Carol's to Gus Garcia Rec Center to give the food out and those that organize and work the pantry every week.
Thanks too to the clients who jump up every week to unload the cars and trucks and help set up the pantry to "give back." It really does take a community to pull this off week after week.
Thanks to William Kerby who promotes our pantry to unhoused clients and Austin Mutual Aid for promoting the pantry.
Final thanks to Carol Rabun and Jerry Rabun who give their home and so much time to keep Carol's Kindness Plus running.
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